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Save the Date: Advising Diverse Populations: How To Be Inclusive Using Appreciative Advising Webinar

Please consider saving the date to attend an advising webinar from Innovative Educators. It will be held June 12th, from 9:30 to 11 am in 8-300 at the Brighton campus and in Room 352 at the Downtown campus. No RSVP needed!

Advising Diverse Populations: How To Be Inclusive Using Appreciative Advising

Participants will learn how academic advising can be conducted effectively and efficiently with a diverse range of students. The webinar will emphasize evidence-based best practices in academic advising that meet both student as well as institutional needs.

Academic advising is a key component of any effective retention-to-graduation strategy; it forms the foundation for a successful college experience. As the student populations on most campuses continue to become more and more diverse, this can present challenges for advisors who are concerned about meeting the needs of their advisees. Indeed, working with students who differ immensely with respect to their backgrounds, experiences, preferences, and orientations precludes the use of a 'one-size-fits-all' approach. Customization and flexibility are the keys to the delivery of advising services that meet the sophisticated needs of today's students. Being able to connect with students on an emotional as well as intellectual level sets the stage for a successful advising experience. But this can be difficult for many advisors who lack the knowledge and skills needed to fully understand and appreciate the students they serve. This will be an evidence-based, interactive, hands-on webinar that will provide participants with the competencies they need to effectively engage in academic advising with all students, irrespective of their personal and cultural characteristics. This webinar will help advisors enhance their ability to better serve all students and get more of them to the finish line.

Any questions, please contact Sally Dingee or Jess Wilkie, Integrated Advising Board Chairs

Dingee, Sally
Advisement and Transfer Services