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Week of Remembrance & Compassion: April 24-28

Join MCC’s Holocaust, Genocide, and Human Rights Project (HGHRP) for our first-ever Week of Remembrance and Compassion, during which we'll honor Holocaust survivors, victims, and their families through candle-lighting, survivor testimony, lectures, and artistic performances. The week is hosted in partnership with college partners. Events are FREE and open to the public.

Monday, April 24 - Friday, April 28
Tibetan Monks' Mandala Sand Painting
R. Thomas Flynn Campus Center Atrium
9am, Monday, 04/24 • Opening Ceremony
1pm, Friday, 04/28 • Closing Ceremony
In partnership with MCC’s Diversity Council and Global Education and International Services, the HGHRP invites you to witness as millions of grains of sand are meticulously laid into place on a flat platform over the course of a week. View this masterpiece alongside the photo-essay exhibit of local Holocaust survivors, “I Told You, Now You Tell the World,” all week long.

Monday, April 24 
Remembrance Reading
12 noon  •  Flynn Campus Center Forum (3-130)
In partnership with The Sixth Act and in association with the National Jewish Theater Foundation, student performers will read a portion of the play Good by Cecil Philip Taylor. Set in prewar Germany, this piece explores how "good" people come to accept what they know is immoral.

Tuesday, April 25 -- Lectures & Discussions
"When 'Mean' Becomes Normal: The Social Construction of Cruelty"
9:30am  •  5-300, Brighton Campus
Get a sneak peek inside the Project's first course, PSY 222: Social Psychology of the Holocaust, as Dr. Patricia Kress opens her class to all for this powerful lecture and discussion.

"From Bystander to Upstander: Choosing Good in an Evil World"
11am  •  5-300, Brighton Campus
Join Prof. Regina Fabbro and her class, ENG 108: Literature of the Holocaust, as they explore the difficult choices one must make in order to act righteously in difficult times.

Wednesday, April 26
Film: Every Face Has a Name
6pm  •  Flynn Campus Center Forum (3-130)
On April 28, 1945, life begins again. As hundreds of Holocaust survivors from concentration camps arrive in the harbor of Malmo, Sweden, news teams capture and televise their images.  Seventy years later, those same survivors view the archival footage of their arrival to Sweden, re-experiencing the emotions of the day and sharing their stories. 73 minutes. Discussion and refreshments provided. Watch the trailer.

Thursday, April 27
27th Annual Yom HaShoah Commemoration
9:30am-2pm  •  Flynn Campus Center
Join us for our commemoration's opening ceremony at 9:30am in the Flynn Campus Center Atrium, candle-lighting and our photographic exhibit of local Holocaust survivors throughout the day in the same space, and survivor testimony at 10am, 11:30am, and 1pm in the Campus Center Forum (3-130).

Friday, April 28
Elementz Performs "Joy of Suffering"
12pm  •  Flynn Campus Center Atrium
Learning lessons from our past through live beats, street dance, and poetry, performed in honor of local Holocaust Survivors. Presented by performing artists Elementz of Cincinnati, Ohio. Featuring special guests Napoleon Maddox and The Millennium Robots.

For more information, visit the HGHRP webpages or contact us at <>. Parking for all events available in Lots M1 and N.

Regina Fabbro
Holocaust, Genocide, and Human Rights Project

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