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Eat Well, Live Well; Final Report

Congratulations to the MCC Community who participated in the 2014 Wegman’s Eat Well Live Well Challenge this spring.  We did great things over the last eight weeks and hope to continue the healthy habits that may have started with this challenge.  As a group we walked 75,913,943 steps, (approximately 37,957 miles), and consumed 32,386 cups of fruits and vegetables.  Fantastic!

The top five teams for average steps per day are the Tough Mudders at 16,379, For The Record at 12,024, Placement Pacers at 11,642, Admitted and Committed at 10,793, and Psychology at 10,790.  The top five teams for average fruit and vegetable consumption are Psychology at 6.32, Placement Pacers at 5.03, Damon City Campus at 4.89, For the Record at 4.74, and Health and Physical Education at 4.52. 

The top three individual high steppers are Sean McGinnis Scanlon from the Tough Mudders at 22,751 average steps, Suzanne Long from the Bioperambulators at 21,998, and Christie Smith from Admitted and Committed at 21,080.  We applaud you for those amazing stats!   

The winner of Week 8’s prize drawing of a $10 Sodexo gift certificate is Anu Shivpuri of the Placement Pacers.  Congratulations!

Many thanks to all participants of this year’s challenge; we hope you enjoyed your eight weeks and have more energy.  Keep posted for the announcement of the Fit Bit winner, picked from those who participated fully throughout the challenge.  Keep moving, stay healthy, and have a great summer!

The Wellness Team
Human Resources