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Q:  How do I change or reset my Banner PIN?

A:  Like your network password, your Banner PIN expires every 180 days. Tech Support recommends annotating your Outlook calendar with the projected expiration date of your Banner PIN.  A reminder to yourself approximately 15 days prior to the expiration date is also suggested.

If your PIN has already expired:

1.      Go the MCC home page at (NOT the myMCC login page).
2.      Across the upper right of the home page, you will see a clickable link that says “A-Z index”– click it.
3.      Click on the letter “B” and then “Banner Self Service.”
4.      You will be taken to a login screen.  For the User ID use EITHER your M number with a CAPITAL M, or your social security number WITH NO DASHES.
5.      Instead of entering a PIN, go below that box and click the button that says “Forgot PIN.”
6.      You will need to answer your security question correctly.  Remember, the response you enter is case sensitive
7.      Once you have correctly answered the security question, you will see a screen that says that your PIN has been reset and must be changed.
8.      Your new PIN:
a.       must be exactly six (6) characters – no more, no less.
b.      may contain a combination of alphanumeric characters, but if you choose to use letters and numbers, you must use at least one capital letter, one number, and one lower case letter.
c.       may contain only six (6) digits – if you choose to use digits only, you may not use your six digit date of birth (MMDDYY).
d.      may not be anything you have used in the past year.

If your PIN has not expired:

1.      Log into myMCC (at and then go to the “Banner” tab. 
2.      Select “Banner Self-Service” on the left column of links.
3.      Select the “Personal Information” tab, then click on “Change PIN.”


1.      Log into myMCC (at and then go to the “Banner” tab.
2.      Go to the channel that says “Personal Information,” (upper right corner of the screen).
3.      Select “Change PIN.”

If you experience difficulties with any of these processes, or if you find an error message that says “Your web access has been disabled,” please call Tech Support at 292-TECH (8324) option 3, then 1 or submit a trouble report using myMCC, Tech Tab, and then click on “Report a Technology Problem to TECH.

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Pat Murphy
CNS: PC & Network Support