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321 Walk FAQs

It's time to walk! We are so excited that so many students, faculty, staff and community friends will be joining us for the 321 Walk to the New Downtown Campus on Friday May 19! We look forward to celebrating this milestone with everyone. Here are some important details to know for Friday's event:


1) Q: Will parking be available at the new campus?

A: MCC has received permission to park vehicles for the 321 WALK event in Kodak's Lot D from 7am-3pm on Fri. 05/19/17. We will have a guard assigned to the Lot, no key access card is needed for this event. Vehicles may enter Lot D using the Oak St. entrance. The Oak St. entrance to Kodak Lot D runs east off Oak St. between Morrie Silver Way and Brown St. Oak St. starts just across Morrie Silver Way from the Frontier Field VIP parking lot. Just look for the MCC Public Safety guard and vehicle in the Lot. Of course we strongly recommend everyone take the RTS bus to return to DCC or car pool wherever possible. But for those who need to drive a vehicle, we will have parking available.

2) Q: What time does the Walk begin?

A: The Walk will begin at 11:30am on Friday May 19.

3) Q: Where will the Walk start and end?

A: The Walk will start on the first floor of the Sibley building at the Main St. entrance and end at the new Downtown Campus at 321 State Street. Because of construction we will leave from "Parcel 5", the old Midtown Plaza site, and walk on the south side of Main St. We will be escorted by MCC Public Safety bike patrol.

4) Q: How long will the Walk take?

A: The Walk itself will take approximately 20 minutes each way. When we arrive at the new campus there will be a brief program with refreshments. The entire event should be completed by 1:15-1:30.

5) Q: Will there be transportation for those who cannot or do not wish to walk?

A: Yes. RGRTA will be providing shuttle service to and from the Walk. The bus will leave from the corner of Franklin & Main Streets.

6) Q: What should we wear?

A: Everyone should be wearing the New Downtown Campus T-shirts! If you do not have the new t-shirt you can get one the day of the walk or come to the Office of Campus Life,DCC to pick one up any time before 10am on Friday. Also don't forget to wear sneakers or comfy shoes.

7) Q: What if it rains?

A: The event will take place rain or shine!

DeLardge, Kimberly
Student Services - DCC