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Banner Data Standards Update

Ervina Malin, Registrar’s office, and Brenda Herrmann, MCC Foundation, are coordinating the massive effort of synchronizing the names and student ID's in the ADS Plus (Alumni) and SIS Plus (Student) databases. This project is necessary in order to prevent duplicates in the Banner system and to ensure that the data converted over to Banner includes the most up-to-date information.

Training in data entry using the Banner data standards and guidelines is well under way. User departments already have begun to use the Banner data standards protocols to input data into MCC’s current Plus systems.

The Banner Data Standards Committee—chaired by Sherrill Ison, Institutional Research, and Deb Watson, Computing Services—has developed criteria that enables Banner to save previous names, ID's and addresses in the system. The committee will concentrate their efforts on the completion of degree tables in the coming months. 

Banner Overview Sessions:  There is one remaining Banner general overview session scheduled for DCC on Wednesday, July 14, 2004 from noon to 1:00pm.

Banner Finance Self-Service: The Finance Self-Service pilot testing process is complete. Final adjustments are being made to the training documents that will accompany the Finance Self Service training sessions. The end-user Budget Inquiry and Purchasing trainings will commence in mid-July.

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Marie Fetzner
ETS VP Office