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Q: How can I send an email to my entire class using Outlook?

A: In Outlook, click on New Email.  When the new email opens up, click the "To" button to bring up the search function for the global address book. 

To search for your class, enter the abbreviation for the name of the semester (fall or spring) and the 2 digit year.  For example, Spring 2013 would be SP13.

Enter a Dash and then enter the 3 character designation for your class (i.e., BUS, PPE, NUR).  Enter another dash.

Enter the class and the extension.

Entire format of the search will be SP13-BUS-104-001

Once the class is highlighted, click "To" below the search list, then click OK.  Your class will now be inserted into your "To" address in your new email.  You will see a box with a plus sign in it next to your class name.  If you click that plus sign, it will open up the entire class list if you need to see all the addressee names.

If you experience difficulties with any of these processes please call Tech Support at 292-TECH (8342) option 3, 1 or submit a trouble report using myMCC, Tech Tab, and then click on “Report a Technology Problem to TECH.

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Pat Murphy-Golden
Communications and Network Services