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HR Banner: Faculty Timesheets

As the College moves toward new, more efficient methods of time accounting, the Banner HR team is requesting the assistance of the faculty in reporting use of sick and personal leave time. The process explained below is intended to help clarify interim procedures for completion and submission of teaching faculty timesheets.

1.      Banner generates timesheets for all employees based on the College’s “Pay ID” which is biweekly; therefore, at this time we are unable to produce a monthly timesheet.

2.      Faculty will receive timesheets for each pay period, but only complete and submit them monthly.

3.     Timesheets are completed by by entering time taken [e.g. sick in whole day (7 hrs) or ½ day (3.5 hrs) increments; personal, and/or other leave as coded on the back of the timesheet] on the appropriate day and totaling in hundredths of hours by week with the grand total at the bottom lower right side of the timesheet. 

4.     Timesheets do not need supervisor/department chair approval.

5.     As in the past, timesheets are submitted to the payroll department as in the past by the 15th of the following month. 

The Banner team anticipates having another procedure for faculty leave reporting in place in the near future and hopes the above explanation will help clarify the interim procedures. We regret any confusion this may cause, and please feel free to contact the Human Resources Department if you have further questions.

Your cooperation and patience is appreciated as we continue to work toward a more effective time reporting system.

Thank you.

Dr. Sherry D. Ralston
Human Resources