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ETS Technology Training Program: “Just In Time ... Just Give Us a Call”

Training when you need it, on the topics you want to learn about, all at a convenient time that works with your schedule, available throughout the entire year.  This is what we call ETS Technology Training “Just In Time”!  Our program is all about helping you and your department to maximize the use of technology so you can work smarter, not harder! 

Our “new and improved” ETS Technology Training Catalog is available to you through myMCC.  Log into myMCC, and go to the Employee Tab.  Within the Technology Services Channel you will see the “Technology Training” link.  Click the link to review the catalog.  A contact person is noted for each session within the catalog.  Call the contact listed to schedule a time for training. 

Here are some topics from the catalog that may be of interest to you:

-          Technology Training for New Employees
-          Banner
-          Telecommunications Skills
-          Windows 7 Essentials
-          Microsoft Office 2010 (Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access)
-          Digital Imaging
-          Social Media and Web 2.0
-          Library Resources
-          Technology Consultation and Support Services
-          The Faculty Innovation Center
-          Classroom Technology
-          Microsoft OneNote
-          Controllers Operations
-          Technology Tools

If you just need a reference manual, check out the following location on the M: Drive

M:\MCC\Digital Resources\EZRef

For ETS Technology support dial 292-TECH (8324).

Save the following dates for our upcoming January 2012 Technology week:
January 13, 2012 at Damon City Campus
January 17, 18 and 19 at Brighton Campus

During this conference style event, there will be presentations on many technology topics.  Details on the event will follow in a future article.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Marie Gibson
ETS Instructional Technologies