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Civil Service Salary Increases

Please be aware that the paycheck of November 3, 2005 reflects the 2005/2006 civil service salary increase (Gap agreement $500 + 3 % increase).  On your pay stub, the increase is included in your regular pay for the period October 14 -27 and is retro pay for September 1 - October 13.

Under the new agreement, your personal day accrual corresponds with the College's fiscal year ( September 1 to August 31).  However, it was agreed that in the first year of the contract, personal days applied in January, 2005, if unused by August 31, 2005, would carry forward until December 31st.   All personal days carried forward must be used by this date.  The new personal day based on the College's fiscal year must be used by August 31, 2006. 

A new civil service contract along with salary schedules will be available in the near future.
Please contact the Human Resources offices at ext. 2048 if you have any questions.
Thank you.

Alberta G. Lee
Human Resources