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DropBox - Is it Secure for Business?

It is important to know when and when not to use file sharing services such as DropBox, YouSendIT and Google Docs.  These services are typically free or very inexpensive and you should not expect great security for this price.  So, are these file sharing services secure tools for business?  You need to treat DropBox and other file sharing services as a public, shared environment.  Avoid putting private, personal, financial, confidential information such as PCI, HIPAA, SOX, Sarbanes-Oxley or HITECH in these file sharing clouds.  You can use these services for files that do not  need to be secured and you simply need an easy and quick way to get a file from point A to point B.

MobilEcho is an application which provides MCC employees a way to securely save and retrieve their documents from MCC storage (M:Drive) from either on or off campus using an iOS or Android mobile device.    To learn more information regarding MobilEcho you can call the Technology Support Center at  585-292-8324 option 3, 1.

Donna Pogroszewski
Communications & Network Services