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Faculty Engagement in Guided Pathways- Webinar

Please join us to view this important webinar. No RSVP required!

Wednesday February 28, 2018 2-3pm

Forum, Brighton Campus

Faculty Engagement in Guided Pathways

Experts believe that Guided Pathways is the approach of choice for community college reform. California community colleges have been charged with developing a plan for engaging in Guided Pathways by March 30, 2018. Many colleges, however, are expressing uncertainty about how to get started and are working to determine the nature of faculty engagement in the process. In order for Guided Pathways to be successful, deep faculty engagement must be incorporated from the very beginning and throughout the process.

Guided Pathways supports general education courses which can account for up to three-quarters of the courses in a Pathway of study. Unfortunately, the role of general education coursework in supporting Pathways has lacked attention.

This webinar will 1) highlight a process that will help your college jump start your Pathways work or help you if your college is stuck and 2) demonstrate the importance of general education and liberal arts curriculum in Guided Pathways.

Takeaways - You will:

  • Learn about where colleges are struggling with Guided Pathways and how to overcome those struggles and get on track.

Be introduced to a method that will help jump start your work that supports general education and liberal arts curriculum in Guided Pathways implementation.

Wilkie, Jessica
Academic Services