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Columbus Day Office Staffing

Columbus Day, Monday, October 14, 2002, is a holiday for employees covered by
the CSEA Agreement. Since the College is scheduled to be open, some employees
may be needed to staff departments.

In accordance with the Agreement, payment for working a holiday shall be as

When a 35 hour per week employee is required to work on a stipulated County
holiday, a day shall be added to the employee's vacation bank.

2. When a 40 hour per week employee is required to work on a County holiday,
shall receive holiday pay plus time and one-half or compensatory time off at
the rate
of time and one-half (at the option of the employee) for the hours worked on
holiday, in accordance with Article 38 of the agreement.

3. Security personnel will be expected to work regular shifts if scheduled to
on holidays. Security personnel who are required to work, and also those who
have the day off, will be compensated an extra day's pay at the end of the
academic year for a total of thirteen days pay, provided such employee was
employed for the entire year. No additional compensatory time will be granted
for holidays worked or not worked.

Working a holiday involves an adjustment of accruals or additional payment per
the Agreement. To insure proper compensation please follow these procedures.

TIMESHEET REPORTING: Fill in the Hours Worked column as well as the Holiday
Hours column. A COMPENSATORY/OVERTIME REPORT form will accompany the TIMESHEET
to justify payment/adjustment of accruals.

TIMECLOCK REPORTING: Follow your usual method of reporting OVERTIME.

Dr. Sherry D. Ralston
Human Resources