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Banner Facts

In 2005-06, Banner Advancement will support over 84,000 constituents and organizations, and 138,000+ gifts and pledges at the MCC Foundation.

In 2006, Banner Financial Aid will support over 8,100 MCC students who receive financial assistance.

Banner project development training is underway for the Human Resources (HR), Student and Technical teams. Additionally, the Banner Finance team is working with the Banner HR team to prepare for Banner HR Go-live in January, 2005.

The Banner Advancement (Alumni) team begins training in late October 2004 and the Financial Aid team begins formal Banner training in February 2005.

Previous Banner Tribune updates are archived on the MCC Banner website. Go to: and click on the Banner Tribune Update Archive link.

For further information on the MCC Banner system, view the MCC Banner homepage: and click on the "News and Updates" section, or contact Marie Fetzner at

Marie Fetzner
ETS VP Office