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Summary of Material Modification

Monroe Community College is required to display the attached Summary of Material Modification from EBS-RMSCO due to the change in our Flexible Spending Plan whereby we are allowing employees to carry over $500 from year to year.  (See Trib Article regarding this change dated 11/7/13 and 11/15/13). 

Please note that it states in the document that there “shall be no grace period for payment or reimbursement of health care expenses from participants’ Health Care Expense Accounts for any Plan Year beginning on or after 12/31/2013”. MCC has never had a grace period, so that is not a change.  MCC will continue to have a run-off period whereby employees will have until April 30th of the next plan year to turn in their expenses from the previous plan year. 

If you have any questions regarding this Summary of Material Modification, please contact Karen Rheinheimer at Ext. 2113. 

Karen Rheinheimer
Human Resources

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