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Technical Support Tips: Walk to your car securely with MCC Guardian

Walking across an MCC parking lot to your car when no one else is around can sometimes be unsettling. MCC Guardian can help you feel more secure during that walk. Once you download the app (see directions below) register and create a user profile, you may set a Safety Timer by pressing the yellow Safety Timer icon on the home screen. From this screen, you can set the amount of time you believe it will take to reach your destination and add "guardians" to your timer session so that they can be notified if your safety timer expires. Upon your safe arrival, simply deactivate the timer from your phone. If you do not deactivate the timer before it expires, MCC's Department of Public Safety and/or your other guardians will be notified. The menu tab contains instructions on how to use MCC Guardian. Click on the Learn More tab and the app will give you a quick tutorial.

To download MCC Guardian, go to the App Store or Google Play on your mobile device, search for "Rave Guardian" and download the free app. Register using your MCC email address (ends in "") to access the MCC-specific version. The app should only be utilized in areas within MCC Public Safety's jurisdiction, including MCC's Brighton Campus, Downtown Campus, Alice Holloway Young Commons (residence halls) and the Applied Technologies Center. The Public Safety Training Facility is not within MCC's jurisdiction as it is a shared community resource.

This app has too many features to list all of them here. More information is available at here and will be available soon on the MCC Public Safety webpages ( If you have questions or are interested in scheduling a training session for your department, club or organization, please contact Chuck DiSalvo of MCC's Department of Public Safety at x2926 or

As in the past, you can always request an escort from MCC Public Safety by calling 292-2911 from your personal phone or by calling x2911 from any campus located telephone.

Gallion, Christine
Communications and Network Services