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Tax Deferred Annuity Accounts

Tax Deferred Annuity Salary Reduction Agreements for the 2008 year have been distributed by College mail to individuals who presently tax defer.  Unless a new form is filled, your 2007 tax deferred goal amount, up to the General Limit, will continue in 2008.  Should you elect to make a change to your goal amount or elect to contribute more than the General Limit, you will need to complete a new form.  Forms received by November 30, 2007 will be processed for the first pay check of 2008.  After November 30, 2007 forms will be processed for the appropriate pay check in 2008.

Additional information about Tax Deferred Annuity Accounts is available on the HR Home page under Benefits by employee group.  If you did not receive a form, they are available in the Employee section of the MCC Home page under MCC Forms.  In addition, you may contact the Human Resources Department to request them.

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