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Summer Hours Reminder - May 30 to August 14, 2008

Depending on the individual’s work week (35 or 40 hours), employees with the approval of their respective Vice President, may choose to work:

1)             Official College schedule or work-shift: five-day week, 8:45 A.M. - 4:45 P.M., with one-hour lunch or the regular 8-hour shift.

1)                  Compressed schedule: five-day week, 8:00 A.M. to 3:30 P.M., Monday - Friday, with one half-hour lunch.

2)                  Longer day schedule: four-day week, 8 3/4 hour or 10 hour shift in addition to a  one-half hour lunch.  Flex days must be either Monday or Friday.

As in the past, flex time may not always be possible.  The needs and deadlines of a department prevail over individual schedules.  If necessary, flex time may be suspended to accommodate workplace needs.  Also, departments must strictly adhere to one hour or one-half hour lunch periods.

Each Vice President was requested to notify the Human Resources Office by May 1, 2008 of the flex-time arrangements in his/her core areas.

If you have any questions, please contact the Human Resources Office at extension 2106.  Your attention and cooperation in this matter are appreciated.

Alberta Lee
Human Resources