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Eat Well, Live Well: Week Six

At the completion of week six of Eat Well, Live Well, the average fruit and vegetable consumption was 4.28 cups per day for all reporting, and the top five teams are Records and Registration at 5.11, DCC at 5.05, CNS with 4.83, Joule Busters at 4.73, and the Provost Pavement Pounders at 4.47. Good job to all and go teams!

The college is averaging 8,677 steps per person per day. The top five high steppers are Sean Scanlon at 24,839, David Ghidiu at 23,520, Travis Regan at 22,381, Phil Oettinger at 21,214 and Patti Dano at 20,468. Looks like the Tough Mudders team will have no problem completing the Tough Mudder in July!!!!

Good job to all with both categories, we are rocking the Eat Well/Live Well Challenge!

The college as a whole has accumulated 80,309,676 steps during the Challenge, which is approximately 40,154 miles (based on 2,000 steps equaling a mile). We are closing in on navigating the circumference of the Earth at the Equator which is 25,000, twice. Go MCC Tribunes! The finish line and spring are in sight.

This week’s prize winners are:

Mark Lagana, Tough Mudders, MCC gym pants
Michael McCullough, Public Safety, MCC gym pants
Meryll Pentz, Admissions, MCC pullover hoodie


The MCC Wellness Team
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