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Local Holocaust Survivors to Speak at 29th Yom HaShoah Commemoration

The Holocaust, Genocide, and Human Rights Project's student group invites you to remember Holocaust victims and survivors while reflecting on the lessons of the Holocaust during its annual Week of Remembrance, April 22-26, 2019.

Survivors: A New Play
Brighton Campus
Wednesday, April 24, 2019 • 12pm

Theatre, Robin and Tim Wentworth Arts Building (Bldg 4)
You are invited to attend a performance of a new play written by Wendy Kout and inspired by the words and lives of Rochester Holocaust survivors. Rochester's CenterStage Theatre and the Louis S. Wolk Jewish Community Center of Greater Rochester commissioned this new play to put a human face on this important time in history. A cautionary tale on the risks of normalized hate, this play ensures that the voices of Rochester survivors will never be silenced. Survivors weaves the shocking and inspirational stories of Eva Abrams, Erich Arndt, Arthur Herz, Ellen Lewinsky, Rosemarie Molser, Henry Silberstern, Helen Przysuskier, Evie Schuerman, Kurt Weinbach and Carl Voldman. A talk back with the cast will take place after the performance for all who are interested.

29th Annual Yom HaShoah Commemoration: Reflecting on the Past to Protect the Future
Brighton Campus
Thursday, April 25, 2019 • 9:30am-2pm
The program's opening ceremony begins at 9:30am in the R. Thomas Flynn Campus Center Atrium. Candle lighting and the Project's photographic exhibit of local Holocaust survivors, "I Told You, Now You Tell the World," will be available throughout the day in the same space. Local Holocaust survivors will share their testimonies at 10am (Warren Heilbronner), 11:30am, and 1pm in the R. Thomas Flynn Campus Center Forum (3-130). Public parking in lot N.

10am • Warren Heilbronner
Warren shares his vivid memories of Kristallnacht (the Night of Broken Glass) while a child living in Germany.

11:30am • Helen Levinson
Helen experienced Majdanek concentration camp, escape, and living under an assumed name before relocating to Rochester and completing the dental hygiene program at MCC.

1pm • Maya Brown
A small child living in Russia during the Holocaust, Maya and her family fled through the Black Forest and eventually suffered through a post-war pogrom in Warsaw, Poland.

Thank you for considering these remembrance opportunities. Your presence at our commemoration will inspire others to remember the Holocaust and reflect on the importance of diversity within our community and world.

Kim Hatfalvi, President
Holocaust, Genocide, and Human Rights Project student group

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