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COVID-19 Leave Bank

Monroe Community College recognizes the impact and strain that the COVID-19 pandemic places on employees and their families. The College, the CSEA, and the Faculty Association have joined together to create an emergency leave bank, the COVID-19 Leave Bank, to help alleviate these pressures for employees and to allow them to take necessary time off to address concerns related to the virus. All employees at the College may elect to donate accrued sick leave or vacation from their leave balance to the COVID-19 Leave Bank (hereinafter "CLB").

The COVID-19 Leave Bank is available to all eligible full-time employees who elect to donate to the bank. Eligible recipients may receive up to forty-five (45) days of paid CLB leave during the COVID-19 Pandemic. CLB leave may be approved in increments of two weeks or less. The CLB will be jointly administered by the Faculty Association, the CSEA, and the College.

The CLB will be established beginning April 21, 2020 and will continue in effect until September 30, 2020. At that time, the CLB administrators will determine whether, based on the status of the COVID-19 pandemic, it is necessary to continue the CLB. The decision to extend the bank will be a joint decision of the administrators and is not subject to review or appeal.

The COVID-19 Leave Bank is not the only means for employees to take time off for reasons caused by the pandemic. This bank is intended to supplement and provide additional benefits to that provided by the federal government, the state government, and the employee's own leave banks. A chart has been created that shows what leave is available to employees for various reasons and circumstances. All documents and information related to this bank and the other forms of leave available can be found at the links below.

Forms related to these leaves can be found on the Human Resources channel on Banner. Please work with your supervisor and Human Resources if you have any questions regarding these leaves or need to take time off.

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Fingar, Melissa
Human Resources