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MCC Global Faces Encore Exhibit

The Global Education and International Services Offices has restaged an encore presentation of the “MCC Global Faces Exhibit” that was originally showcased back in 2015 for International Education Week. The refugee crisis was building at that time, and it has since developed into an immense humanitarian crisis. The exhibit will be on display in the Flynn Campus Center Atrium all this week. Please take the time to walk through the pictures, stories, and statistics, while realizing that the statistics you will see have grown exponentially.

“MCC Global Faces” was an on-campus exhibit created through the collaborative efforts of MCC students in three classes: Writing, English for Speakers of Other Languages, and Photography.

Their assignment was to tell the stories of the immigrant and refugee students in English for Speakers of Other Languages class through words and images. Global students shared their personal stories of migration with their American-born peers, who then turned the interviews into essays combined with images taken by photography students.

Through the exhibit, people learn what life is like for individuals abroad fleeing their homeland. They also gain awareness of the magnitude of human displacement worldwide as a result of persecution, armed conflicts, violence and human rights violations.

Please come to see the exhibit in the Atrium, and read more about it here in the SUNY Blog:

Audra Dion
Global Education and International Services