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Q: How do I change my network password?

A:  Your network password expires every 180 days.  Tech support recommends a reminder be entered in your Outlook calendar for about 15 days prior to the password expiration date.

Changing the network password can be done in a number of ways.  Please read this in its entirety, as each method has different procedures and requirements.


1.      From a PC on campus, press and hold ALT+CTL+DEL
2.      Choose “Change a Password”
3.      Follow the password change prompts


1.      Go to (myMCC login page)
2.      Leave login information blank and just click “login”
3.      About halfway down the error screen that comes up, locate and click “Employees: Open Account Management”
4.      To Change the password, select “Change Your Employee Network Account Password.”  To reset the password, select “Reset Your Employee Network Account.”

a.       Change the password if you remember your old password but you think it has expired.
b.      Reset the password if you do not remember the old password, or have tried changing without any success.

5.      Follow prompts


1.      Go to
2.      Select the box that says “I want to change my password after logging in.”
3.      Log in using the expired password
4.      The next screen will ask for the old password, and then prompt for a new password which will have to be entered twice.


Go to and try logging in using your new password.  If you see an “External System Error” that contains the sentence “Your password has changed outside the Luminis platform,” simply go to the bottom of that error message and click “Start Recovery Session.”  Your password is now synchronized with all systems that rely on network account credentials.

Password Complexity Requirements: 

1.      At least 8 characters
2.      At least 1 capital letter
3.      At least 1 lower case letter
4.      At least 1 number
5.      Cannot contain more than 3 consecutive characters that are similar to any of the previous 20 passwords (you cannot just add a digit to the end of the old password).

If you experience difficulties with any of these processes please call Tech Support at 292-TECH (8324) or submit a trouble report using myMCC, Tech Tab, and then click on “Report a Technology Problem to TECH.

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Pat Murphy
CNS: PC & Network Support