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Need to Know: The Policy Advisory Committee

The newly formed Policy Advisory Committee is currently completing a review of the MCC Policy, Procedure, and Protocol Process. The process was last revised in May of 2018 to reflect the implementation of the policy portal established to gather feedback from the College community on new and significantly revised policies.

Members of the committee include:

  • Kelsey Bright: Academic Services
  • Julianna Frisch: Strategic Initiatives
  • Kristin Lowe: Title IX and Inclusion
  • Darrell Jachim-Moore: Administrative Services
  • Ryan Messenger: Student Services
  • Kristin Sine-Kinz: Economic Development and Innovative Workforce Services
  • Sheila Strong: Office of the President

The Policy Advisory Committee will also serve as a resource to Responsible Executives (as noted on all policies, procedures and protocols) and policy authors during the creation of new policies and the three-year review of existing policies.

Frisch, Julianna
Strategic Initiatives