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Browsing Safely

No matter what your role is at MCC--faculty, staff or student--Internet browsing is essential to everyday life and work.

The "Browsing Safely" Module in the CyberSecurity Awareness Training explains that using the latest version of your browser helps keep your shield strong against browser attacks.

At MCC, Chrome and Firefox update automatically with the latest version releases. Refreshing the browser after the update is recommended and in most cases required for the updates to be effective. Edge is updated with monthly Microsoft patch updates. You need to reboot your PC on a regular basis for some of these changes to be applied.

Internet Explorer (IE) is at end-of-life and there are no more security patches, however it is necessary for some legacy applications. Technology Services recommends not using IE. If your Banner INB does not work with Firefox, please contact Technical Support 292-TECH (8324), option 3, for assistance.

At home you should have the latest Windows OS and/or iOS patches and fixes applied to your devices. Chrome and Firefox will update automatically but remember to close out and reopen the browser for the updates to take effect.

Not sure if you have the latest browser update?

You can check your browser version by going to your browser menu Help and then "About Firefox" or "About Chrome" and menu Settings "About This App" for Edge.

Look for more information on ways to keep safe when browsing the Internet in tomorrow's Tribune.

Pogroszewski, Donna
Chief Information Security Officer