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Save the Date: Employee Recognition Reception, Wednesday, June 2nd

June 2, 2010 is the day we, as a college community, take the opportunity to acknowledge our colleagues.  Some will be honored for their accomplishments, others will retire after many years and still others will be recognized for their years of service to Monroe Community College.

In our efforts not to exclude anyone for recognition, please review the list below and contact the Human Resources office by April 30th if you feel anyone has been omitted.

15 years

Shirley Batistta-Provost, Campus Center
Susan Belair, A/H/P/S
Jodee Biller, Controller’s Office
David Boni, Transitional Studies
Donna Burke, Academic Services
Paula Burnside, President’s Office
Aimee Calhoun, Mathematics
John Clime, Facilities
Patricia Coriale, Computing Services
Radcliffe Crawford, Building Services
James Cunningham, Child Care Center
Mary DiSano, Chemistry & Geosciences
Marianne Dorsey, Controller’s Office
Janet Ekis, College and Community Relations
Ronald Fess, Facilities
Mark Harris, Mathematics
Lori Judd, Mathematics
Patricia Kehre, Registration and Records
Lorelyn Ketchum, Campus Center
Elizabeth Laidlaw, English and Philosophy
Kimberley Martello, Mathematics
Deborah Mohr, Library
Vilma Morrow, Student Services Center – DCC
Paul Pfenninger, Facilities
Travis Regan, Purchasing
Lincoln Robinson, Building Services
Marilyn Rosche, AmeriCorps
Richard Rythe, Student Services
Joann Santos, C-STEP
Sharon Scurlock, Science, Health and Business
Louis Silvers, ESOL and Foreign Languages
Catherine Smith, Transitional Studies
Deborah Smith, Technical Education
Kevin Soule, Engineering Science & Physics
Richard Squires, Library
John Striebich, Business Administration
Ann  Tippett, English & Philosophy
David Truman, Communication & Network Services
Bess Watts, Library
Nancy Wilson, Internal Audit

20 years
Vickie Alessandra, Controller’s Office
Daniel Bamburoski,  Computing Services
Donald Beech, Academic Support Services
Peter Bonadonna, PSTC
James Coffey, VaPA
Nelson Cupello, Athletics
Paul D’Alessandris, Engineering Science & Physics
Carol Fisher, Book Store
Bonita Heil,  Health Services
Deborah Isbell-Jones, Workforce Development
Randall Johnson,  VaPA
Pamela Korte, Nursing
Patricia Kuby, Mathematics
Paul Lucas, Controller’s Office
Janette McGimsey, Admissions
Eileen Morris, Transitional Studies
Carmen Powers, Business Administration
James Riggione, Public Safety

25 years
George Beherns, Applied Technologies
Marilyn Christian, Communications and Network Services
Kenneth Degen, Facilities
Suzanne El Rayess, ESOL and Foreign Languages
Michael Farrow, Public Safety
George Fazekas, Office and Computer Programs
W. Michael Goho, Engineering Science & Physics
Robert Lyness, Public Safety
Daniel Nyquis, Public Safety
Suzanne O’Brien, Engineering Science & Physics
Donna Pogroszewski, Communications and Network Services
Thomas Proietti,VaPA
Rosemary Selvaggio, Building Services
Steven Spector, Administrative Services
Janice Volland, Nursing

30 years
Carol Battles, Mail Services
Karen Cardillo, Health & Physical Education
Martin Gilmore, Safety and Hazard Prevention
Edward Grissing, Engineering Science & Physics
Jean Heinsle, Office and Computer Programs
Karen Morris, Business Administration
Mark Oliver, Engineering Technologies
James Petrosino, Business Administration
Theresa Plumart, Admissions
Robert Stone, Public Safety                                    
Brian Wray, Health and Physical Education    

35 years
Christopher Belle-Isle, Career Center

40 years
Dale Mallory, Educational Technologies Service

Human Resources Team
Human Resources