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Learning For Work Open Forum

The New York State Assembly Minority Conference will host an open forum seeking input and expertise on how to best address the "middle-skills gap" impacting students, employers and our communities. The forum is open to the public. Students and faculty in MCC career programs are encouraged to attend.

Hosted by New York State Assembly Members Mark Johns (135th District) and Peter Lawrence (134th District), the forum will be held on 6-8 p.m. Thursday, November, 14, 2019 at MCC's Downtown Campus (High Falls A/B).

Insights and experiences shared at the forum will help shape the future of the Learning for Work Program (New York State Assembly Bill 4255) that prepares students to enter the 21st Century workforce. The Learn for Work Program establishes a youth apprenticeship program and an enhanced regents professional degree. Employers who support youth apprenticeships would receive a tax credit. A detailed description of the program is attached.

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Jones, Clayton
Government and Community Relations