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TCC (Brighton Campus): Fall Conversation #2 - Biological and Cognitive Effects of Toxic Stress

Please join us on Monday, Oct. 14, from 12:00-12:50 p.m., in 12-201, for the second of the Teaching and Creativity Center's Brighton Campus Fall 2019 Conversations: "Biological and Cognitive Effects of Toxic Stress."

In her book Bandwidth Recovery, Cia Verschelden highlights the importance of paying attention to the biological, physical, cognitive and emotional impacts of toxic/chronic stress.

We will touch upon the fight, flight or freeze response and the "alarm system" which can be altered when a person has experienced ongoing trauma. After a brief presentation by William McCale, LCSW, and Morgan Kennell, LMSW, of MCC's Counseling and Disability Services Center, we invite you to engage in rich discussion about how the experiences of chronic stress and trauma can steal bandwidth and leave people with limited resources to be able to work towards their goals.

We will also consider the notion of resiliency and how some people do become more resilient than they were before. Understanding our student population can give us insight to help guide teaching decisions and how we interact with students. We will frame this conversation in terms of our MCC student body.

All faculty and staff are welcome.

Questions or comments? Please contact Amy Burtner, Brighton Faculty Chair for the TCC (


This event is designed to meet the following goal of the Teaching and Creativity Center:

  • Value our diversity and promote inclusivity

The particular outcome for this conversation is: Expanding awareness of student challenges and needs in order to provide a supportive, inclusive academic environment.

Burtner, Amy
Teaching and Creativity Center