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Enrollment Forms for 403(b) plan for 2010

In past years, we have sent new 403(b) enrollment forms out to everyone who participated in a 403(b) in the prior year. 

Since 403(b) goal amounts up to $16,500 now roll over automatically without a new form being completed, we have decided to do our part to “go green” this year and will not be sending new forms out to everyone who currently has a 403(b) account for $16,500 or less. 

We will, however, send new forms to those who are over $16,500. 

Also, please note that if you started a new account in mid-year 2009, or if you made a change during the year, you may want to complete a new form.  Otherwise, whatever annual goal amount you submitted when you made your last change will roll over automatically, if it is $16,500 or under. 

You can get a new form by calling the HR office or by dowloading it from “MCC Forms/HR”.

Please feel free to call the HR Office at 292-2048 if you have any questions. Thank you.

Karen Rheinheimer
Human Resources