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Snow & visions of sugar plums did that get me to Gradebooks? The mind is a mysterious thing!

Yesterday as I sat in my windowless office watching the snow fall via web cam, I glanced to my calendar and to my dismay I noticed classes end in a month.  Ouch, that means exams and then grades.

HMMMMM…. Being a slightly conservative, “a-retentive” soul, I better check that my gradebook is doing what I want it to!

Have *you* checked?   For the majority of us this is our first set of “course final grades” calculated using Blackboard. 

All of us in the Office of Online Learning would like to encourage everyone, Blackboard users or not, to check your math!  Take a few minutes and check that whatever product you are using to calculate your course final grade; if it doing what you want AND what your syllabus says?

For those of you using Bb … attached is a cheat sheet that will help you with the process. The information & dates for our refresher series workshops on Course Menu and Course Grade Book are also attached.

If you prefer face-to-face assistance FIC (Faculty Innovation Center) hours are:

Brighton FIC:
Open: Monday – Friday 8:5am – 4:45pm
Staff Support Hours:

Damon FIC:
Open:  Mon – Thur: 8am – 6pm,Fridays: 8am – 4pm, Saturdays: 9am – 2pm
Staff Support Hours:  Wednesday 9:15am – 4:15pm

Newly added Workshop Dates:

Grade Center
Mon 12/1 at noon
Fri 12/5 at 3
Wed 12/9 at noon

Check out our web pages for other available workshops and training opportunities:

Martha Kendall
Office of Online Learning

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