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Middle States: Did You Know...?

MCC is in the process of achieving reaccreditation by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education. Led by Community College of Allegheny County President Dr. Quintin Bullock (formerly DCC executive dean), evaluation team members will visit MCC March 13-16 to follow up on MCC’s self-study report and assess MCC’s compliance with accreditation standards. When the Middle States team visits, they will engage in conversations (scheduled or through chance encounters) with any number of individuals across campus about MCC. Our weekly “Did You Know” column aims to help you better understand MCC’s reaccreditation process and to become more aware of the contents of the self-study report. To read MCC’s self-study report, go to ""

Did You Know… MCC’s organizational structure is regularly reviewed to assure it meets the College’s Mission, size, and complexity?

In this dynamic higher education environment, MCC has recognized the need for continuous assessment of its organizational structure.  These assessments have led to the formation of the Economic Development and Innovative Workforce Services Division; the move of Enrollment Management to the Student Services Division; and the expansion of institutional responsibilities to certain administrative positions (i.e. Internal Auditor and Compliance Officer, Human Resources and Organizational Development Assistant to the President). All these changes reflect the College’s commitment to creating an administrative structure that supports its institutional goals.
--Kristen Love and Ann Topping (Standard 5:  Administration)

Did you know … Integrity is the first core value listed in MCC’s Strategic Plan?   

MCC’s commitment to integrity is evidenced in institutional policies that foster a safe and ethical environment for the College.  The Policy on Conflicts of Interest, Employee and Visitor Conduct Policy, and Information Technology Security Policy are policy examples that demonstrate the College’s commitment to ethical standards and integrity of information.  The annual independent external audits also speak to the accuracy of data and strong system of internal controls that protect MCC.  The MCC Ethics Hotline further fosters a safe and ethical environment with data used to make improvements to policy and procedures.  In addition, the fact that MCC has an Institutional Compliance and Internal Auditor is unique for a community college, but it is an essential role at MCC to ensure integrity of policies at the College.
--Dolores Pasto-Ziobro (Standard 6:  Integrity)

Bill Dunning and Holly Preische
Middle States