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Deadline Approaching! Last Chance to Register for the June 2019 Teaching & Learning Conference

Grades are in; summer classes are underway; students have graduated; end-of-year reports are...bdsghysyevnzsasfghhsvsh.

What's left to do? Register for the 2019 Teaching & Learning Conference which is being held on Friday, June 14. The conference--Sustaining the Professional Self--is a time to reflect, connect, and rejuvenate. Check out the agenda below, and then RSVP by June 6:

[Note: Some afternoon activities have space or resource limitations (e.g. the cooking class), so ensure your spot now!]


8:30-9:00 Registration and breakfast

9:00-Noon Main session/workshop led by Donna Burke

Noon-12:45 Lunch

1:00-2:00ish Activity of your choice

  • Cooking Class
  • Deep relaxation and labyrinth walk
  • Kickball
  • Art session
  • Open swim
  • Line dancing
  • Movie
  • Knitting circle
  • Chemistry experiment
  • Un-activity quiet space in library (for reading, etc.)

All professional staff and faculty are welcome!

Burtner, Amy
Teaching and Creativity Center