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It's Everyone's Job to Ensure Online Safety at Work

Many faculty and staff have already completed their 2018-2019 Cybersecurity Training, so we are making good progress toward our end of October goal. Thank you!

If you have taken the training, you understand the importance of vigilance against the constant cyberattacks which increasingly target community colleges. Even with training, people are falling for fake emails because they look so real.

To help users identify phishing emails, a warning banner will appear on any email received from outside the MCC employee email system starting on Friday October 19th. Many other colleges are offering this feature to help their faculty and staff recognize suspicious emails that appear to originate internally but do not.

The warning banner will look like this:

Warning: This email did not originate from the MCC Employee Email system. Please do not open attachments, click on links, or provide your credentials if the source is suspicious.

Please be aware that there will be some trusted email sources that are flagged for the extra scrutiny.

Wirley, Eileen
Technology Services - AVP Office