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Six Months Ahead But Can’t Be Read

Six Months Ahead But Can’t Be Read

The Curriculum Advising and Program Planning (CAPP) portion of Banner wasn’t due to be ready until late spring. Well, the apparently over-caffeinated CAPP team has brought this part of Banner in six months ahead of schedule. These anal over-achievers appear to be totally oblivious to the fact that this makes the rest of us look like Banner slackers. Personally, I think it is more fun to set up the grading validation tables WHILE the faculty are actually grading rather than having everything ready DAYS ahead of schedule and then just letting them sit there and spoil.

There will be some changes (there’s a surprise!) in degree auditing in Banner. CAPP was not meant to be a batch-run hardcopy-print procedure like ONCOURSE. It is designed to be used on the computer. In case you doubt this, try to print off a hardcopy. It is so small that even coke bottle lenses may fail to pick up all the fine print. Hopefully this will be remedied in the future. In the meantime, students will receive postcards telling them the dates for priority registration for spring in addition to how to view and print their degree audits. When advising students you will be able to pull up their degree audit online and, if you want to give yourself a migraine, print it off and try to read it.

Everyone who will be using CAPP will want to be trained as I doubt that it is as intuitive as ONCOURSE. This can be accomplished by signing up to attend:

BANNER 105 CAPP- Curriculum, Advising and Program Planning. Banner’s computerized degree audit/degree evaluation system. Learn how to view, interpret and manipulate BANNER CAPP to aid in the advisement process. To view dates, times and location of training please call the ETS-Call Center x4357, option 1 from on campus OR 292-2000 x4357, option 1 from off campus OR go the a-z, b, BANNER project Home page, MCC END user Training, click on BANNER student system, Banner 105.

In addition, Department Chairs will be receiving a document that tells you everything you want to know about CAPP (and a bunch of stuff that didn’t seem all that interesting to me but then not everyone can work with the grade validation tables…)

Be sure to sign up for CAPP training now so you will be ready to advise for spring registration!

Deborah Benjamin
Registration and Records