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Reminder: November 30 is the deadline for open enrollment

A friendly reminder from Human Resources:

Wednesday, November 30 is the deadline for open enrollment.  This is the last day to turn in your forms for Flexible Spending for 2012, change your SRA for 2012, change your medical plan, or sign up for dental insurance if you don’t already have it. 

If you do NOT want to make any changes to your medical plan, there is no need to turn in a medical enrollment form.  But if you want to have a Flexible Spending account for 2012, you must complete a new Flex Enrollment form.  Your Flex Spending election from 2011 does not roll over into 2012. 

If you just started a 403b/457b plan last year in mid-year, or you changed your deduction amount in those plans during the year, you will want to turn in a new form with a new goal amount for 2012.  Also, if you want to put more than $16,500 away for 2012, you must submit a new form. 

All forms are available online or by calling Human Resources.  Please feel free to call your Human Resources Team at 292-2048 if you have any questions.  Thank you!

The Human Resource Team
Human Resources