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Middle States: Did You Know...?

MCC is in the process of achieving reaccreditation by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education. Led by Community College of Allegheny County President Dr. Quintin Bullock (formerly DCC executive dean), evaluation team members will visit MCC March 13-16 to follow up on MCC’s self-study report and assess MCC’s compliance with accreditation standards. When the Middle States team visits, they will engage in conversations (scheduled or through chance encounters) with any number of individuals across campus about MCC. Our weekly “Did You Know” column aims to help you better understand MCC’s reaccreditation process and to become more aware of the contents of the self-study report. To read MCC’s self-study report, go to .

Did you know…MCC's Institutional Effectiveness Model illustrates how the College integrates college-wide planning and assessment, while maintaining a commitment to evidence-based decision making and closing the loop?

The model depicts how divisional goals, college operational plans, and resource allocation are connected and driven by the College's mission and strategic plan and informed by the Student Learning Assessment Framework and the SUNY Strategic Plan. MCC’s commitment to sustainable, evidence-based decision making processes is illustrated by the work of the Enrollment Projections Budget Planning Committee, a group comprised of the College's Vice Presidents, Institutional Research, Enrollment Management, and Administrative Services. This team meets regularly throughout the year to develop enrollment projections and monitor the annual budget. Enrollment projection numbers for the coming year are used for establishing the College budget and allocating resources across divisions and departments, setting the recruitment plan goals according to the approved budget, informing the Marketing and Recruitment plan, and calculating tuition and fees for the projected year. The enrollment projections are monitored each fall/spring term and compared to the actual enrollment numbers in daily/weekly reports. Enrollment targets each term are updated with census and final end-of-term enrollment data.

--Terry Keys and Mark McBride (Standard 7:  Institutional Assessment)

Did You Know…since 2012, MCC has made significant changes to enrollment practices to enhance how MCC attracts, engages, and admits students?

These changes include the college-wide branding standards and the “Inspiring every day” campaign.  In addition to adopting new technology and software systems to streamline the application process, MCC redesigned the College website to allow prospective students to make better-informed decisions.  Student consumer information including accreditation, graduation, transfer, retention, employment, student body diversity, and other outcomes is all available on the MCC website. MCC is a full-opportunity institution that seeks to admit students whose interests, goals, and abilities are congruent with its institutional mission.

-- Randy Bowen and Christine Casalinuovo-Adams (Standard 8:  Student Admissions and Retention)

Bill Dunning and Holly Preische
Middle States