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Banner Finance Training Update

Chuck White and the MCC Banner Finance team report that they will begin
training on the Banner Budget Inquiry and Banner Purchasing processes in
mid-July, 2004. The group is finalizing its training material
documentation and will run through a final pilot test training at the
end of June. The Banner Finance training is entirely web-based and
contains many advanced features for end users. The Banner Finance
training schedules will be published in future Banner Updates.

Banner General Overview Sessions: There are six remaining Banner general
overview sessions scheduled for the College Community--see schedule
below. At these sessions an overview of Banner is provided, and
participants are shown the Banner Finance budget inquiry forms (screens)
and the initial Purchasing forms. To date, a total of six sessions have
been held at the DCC, Brighton and PSTF locations.

6/16/2004 12 PM to 1 PM Board Room
6/17/2004 3 PM to 4 PM 3rd Floor Conference Room
6/21/2004 3 PM to 4 PM Board Room
6/30/2004 12 PM to 1 PM Board Room
7/14/2004 12 PM to 1 PM DCC: 5057

Please contact Marie Fetzner for further information at:

Marie Fetzner
ETS VP Office