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Brown Bag Session! Everything you wanted to know about the Banner Student System – Don’t be Afraid to Ask!

Noon Today in Room 11-109.  This session will be conducted by:  Betsy Ripton, Records and Registration; Donna Burke, Admissions; and Marie Gibson, ETS Instructional Technologies.

If you are feeling unsure about using Banner Self Service for Student or Internet Native Banner Student, this session is for you.  Come to this open question and answer forum to get up to speed in the following areas:

Classroom Management (grading, attendance, posting syllabus and office hours, working with class lists, faculty assignment information)

Student Information (contact information, student schedule, placement test scores, transcripts, hold information,
Registration  (searching the master schedule and course catalog, registering a student, withdrawing a student, advisement keys, wait listing a student

Information is also available on the Banner website or on the CD mailed to all faculty and adjuncts:  <<>>.   From this link you can print a copy of written documentation on how to use the Banner Self Service for Student system or click the link that says Web Based for tutorials on the subject matter.

Marie Gibson
ETS Instructional Technologies