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Security Tips for Mobile Devices

All mobile devices should be passcode protected and loaded with apps that will help you track and find them in case they get lost or stolen.  For iPads and iPhones, there’s a free app “Find My iPhone”.  Android users can try “Lookout Mobile Security”. These apps allow you to remotely wipe the device if it falls into the wrong hands; you definitely don’t want to expose yourself to identity theft or allow someone else access to MCC’s network or data.  A good rule of thumb is to never leave your mobile device anywhere you wouldn’t leave your wallet.

Another area to use caution is when connecting to free public Wi-Fi.  Hackers set up rogue hot spots for spying and serving you fake websites.  They often name these hot spots something generic such as “Coffee Shop” or “Linksys” to fool you into thinking they are safe.  If you are using a public Wi-Fi, only use it for general web surfing.  Do not use it for shopping, banking or accessing personal information.

Donna Pogroszewski
Communications and Network Services