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Introducing the new U: drive for your M:\Users\... Personal Directory

ETS would like to welcome YOU to YOUR new U: drive.

To simplify your access to your personal directory on the M: Drive, ETS is rolling out a new automatically mapped drive on your PC.  The U: Drive will point to your personal directory under M:\Users\<1st LETTER OF YOUR LAST NAME\<LASTNAME, FIRSTNAME or USERID>.  Now, instead of navigating to your specific M:\Users folder each time you would like to access your files, you can quickly go to the U: Drive to get to the same place.

ETS will be setting up your U: Drive after 10PM Wednesday night, August 28th (tonight). 

Please make sure you close all documents you are editing before leaving work today.

As part of ETS’ effort to standardize the way personal directories are created and maintained, if your current personal directory is in <LASTNAME, FIRSTNAME> format, it will be renamed to your <USERID>.  For example, the personal directory of the user “Anne Instructor” (M:\Users\I\Instructor, Anne) will be renamed to M:\Users\I\ainstructor.

A special shortcut will be created allowing you to still access files that Microsoft Office or other applications may still remember being in the old location.  This special shortcut will exist until Tuesday, October 15, so start using the U: drive tomorrow!

If you have questions or issues, please contact the Technical Support Desk at xTECH (8324) Option #3.   

William Wagoner
ETS Communications