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Weight Watcher's Registration Meeting & Open House on Wednesday, January 8

Get ready to carry out that New Year's Resolution to eat healthier! 

Our current Weight Watchers At Work series has a renewal date of 1/15/14. The basic plan is for 12 weeks, beginning 1/15/14 at noon in Room 3-172.   The cost will be $156 and includes 14 weeks of FREE eTools.  If you intend to join, please attend the Open House this Wednesday, January 8th, at noon in Room 3-172 to get information and submit your monies. 

The program delivered results for our group last fall, and will deliver them for you as well.  Weight Watchers has consistently been rated #1 best plan for weight loss, as easiest to follow, and has been ranked #1 best commercial weight loss plan by
U.S. News & World Report for three years running. 

If you cannot attend the Open House on January 8th but you intend to join, please contact Karen Rheinheimer in the Human Resources Office, Extension 2113, before the January 8th meeting. 

We look forward to seeing you on the 8th! 

The Wellness Team
Human Resources