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Banner Employee Self-Service Available Today

As indicated in the training meetings held last week on Employee Self-Service, we are pleased to announce that Employee Self-Service will be available today, Tuesday, May 3, 2005. Self-Service is similar to WEB for Employees, but has been enhanced. The HR team will continue to update and provide new features of Self-Service to the college community.

At this time, you are able to view personal information (address and phone, marital status, name change information, and social security information). In addition to viewing personal information, you may update your permanent address, phone, marital status and emergency contact information. Since the emergency contact information was not converted from HRS, we are requesting that you update and enter your current emergency contact information. You may have more than one contact, and the directions for updating are included when you click on Emergency Contacts.

Under Employee Services, you may view benefits and deductions, pay information, jobs summary, leave balances, and tax information including accessing/downloading forms. Under Benefits and Deductions, information on your retirement, health, and dental plans are provided. Included under Miscellaneous Deductions is (employer and employee) information on life, disability, union, MCC Foundation, and United Way.

Pay information includes earnings, deductions, history, and pay stubs. The history is recorded by pay periods since January, 2005. You may view the history when you click on an underlined item.

Jobs Summary information includes information on your assignment(s) and position title. Please note that the word “terminated” is a Banner word and only refers to the end of an assignment. Also, most appointments use 9/1/04 as the beginning date. Leave balances show your accruals and use of leave by pay periods. To view leave used in a specific pay period after January, 2005, click on an underlined payroll period. Your leave balances are in the column on the far right.

Tax information is available under Tax Forms. You may update your federal withholding exemption and allowances online (up to nine).

There also are links to the IRS, to Social Security, Health Economics, and Excellus.

Employee Self-Service is accessed through the MCC Home Page. After entering the Home Page, select Banner Self-Service and click. Then enter your Banner ID (capital M and the 8 number sequence which appears on your time sheet and paycheck/direct deposit stub) followed by your PIN; or, enter your Social Security Number followed by your PIN.

Depending on your individual circumstances and use of Banner Self-Service, your PIN number may be:

1. the one you previously used in WEB for Employees;
2. your birth date in mmddyy format; or
3. the PIN you use to enter Banner Self-Service for Finance.

If you are unable to access Employee Self-Service, please contact the Human Resources department.

On behalf of the HR Banner team, we are pleased to offer Employee Self-Service to the college community.

Sherry D. Ralston
HR Banner Team Leader

Dr. Sherry Ralston
Director, Human Resources