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Chancellor's Award for Classified Service Nominations Being Accepted

Are you looking for an activity to do between semesters? If so, do you know a support staff member that is exceptional in their position? Please consider nominating them for the Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Classified Service. Nomination packets are due Thursday, January 18, 2018. Please submit an original - no hole punches or staples - and 11 copies to Sandy in Room 1-303A by 4:00 pm. The nomination form and guidelines are attached. A nomination form in word format along with the guidelines may be found on myMCC/Employee/Online Forms and Documents/Chancellor's Award. Please note - nominations MUST be submitted on this form.

The Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Classified Service is a system-level award established by SUNY to give system-wide recognition for superior performance and extraordinary achievement by employees in the Classified Service. These awards demonstrate the University's commitment to individuals who provide superior service to its students and the community at large. This award is intended for persons who are classified as CSEA and thus not eligible for other Chancellor's Awards.

Nominees for the award must be full-time employees who have been with the college a minimum of five (5) years. Furthermore, all nominees must have completed at least three (3) years of continuous, full-time permanent service in the Classified Service position for which they are nominated. Prior recipients of a Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Classified Service are ineligible for consideration. Posthumous nominations are also ineligible

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2017-2018-ChancellorAwards-for-Excellence Guidelines.pdf

Warren, Sandy
Human Resources