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SUNY Tuition Waivers

Please be advised that the SUNY Tuition Waivers are available for the Spring 2008 semester for full-time faculty, administration, and support staff employees. The waiver is available for MCC employees who enroll in SUNY (State University of NY) courses outside of MCC.  If you are interested in obtaining a SUNY Tuition Waiver, the following information is required by December 10, 2007:

1)    A copy of your Spring 2008 Tuition bill (detailed - specifying tuition costs, fees, etc.)
2)    Your Spring 2008 Enrollment form (indicating course number and course title).
You may drop off, mail or fax (292-3843) this information to the Brighton Human Resources Office.
You will be contacted by December 17th regarding availability and the dollar amount waived.  You are responsible for submitting your SUNY Waiver to the Bursar's Office at the institution you are attending.  If you would like the waiver mailed to your home, please notify me via e-mail.  Otherwise, your completed and signed waiver will be available on December 20th for pickup from the Human Resources Office.

Carol Barcomb
Human Resources