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Rescheduled Adjunct Supper for Success!  RSVP for the TCC's Supper for Success

Because of last week’s snow storm, we have rescheduled “Words Matter:  Continuing Improvement in Student Communication” to:

Wednesday, March 29
5-6:30 pm
8-200, Brighton Campus

This Supper For Success is a sequel to last Fall's Adjunct Supper "Words Matter: Improving Communication With Students". Karen Coffey (Visual and Performing Arts) and Donna Burke (Services for Students with Disabilities​  ) return to continue the conversation about effective communication with students. Among the topics discussed will be utilizing language that shows compassion and tools to craft assertive language. Master of Ceremonies, Mark Sample, will return to delight and thrill the crowd.  Also returning is everyone's favorite supper: chicken, broccoli, and mashed potatoes. Reserve your spot now!

Click this link to register:


Gena Merliss
Teaching and Creativity Center