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Reducing Your Information Footprint

Cleaning up your information footprint can mean examining social media, online accounts, and even paper records containing sensitive information. Take the time to make sure documents are stored securely or destroyed properly. Destroying documents with your personal information reduces the likelihood of becoming an identity theft victim. It's easy over the course of a year to accumulate a digital footprint on your computer hard drive, USB drives and online for services you may or may not be using anymore. Delete unused accounts and keep active accounts with only the minimal up-to-date information. By looking at both your digital and paper trail on a regular basis and removing, shredding, destroying or closing out accounts you no longer use you can help prevent your information from being overexposed.

This month's cybersecurity newsletter provides guidance and activities you can perform to limit your information exposure.

Also attached is the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) guideline on how long one should keep certain documents.

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May-2018 Reduce your Information Footprint.pdf

Pogroszewski, Donna
Communications and Network Services