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MCC Banner Teams Prepare for Summer and Fall Registration

The MCC Banner "bees" have been very busy: 

1. The Banner Student and Financial Aid teams are preparing for the first MCC student registration on Banner for the Summer 2006 semester. Banner registration for Summer 2006 will begin on February 14, 2006, and Banner registration for Fall 2006 will begin on March 23, 2006. Banner Financial Aid will begin preparations for packaging students for the Summer 2006 semester in late January 2006.

 2. Banner Student "Self Service" (SS) training for end users will begin in January 2006. The Banner Student team is preparing the training schedule that will be published very soon. 

Banner Student SS training will be offered in multiple formats: a) face-to-face sessions that will be offered mornings, afternoons, evenings and on selected Saturdays; b) online interactive sessions that will be available 24/7 over the MCC Web page; and c) a CD of the interactive Banner Student SS training that will be made available to faculty and advisors. Written documentation will be available 24/7 via the MCC Web page.

Banner SS training “tracks” are being integrated into the ETS IT training calendar—look for these in January 2006.

 3. A copy of Donna Burke’s Banner Student update presentation provided to the DCC community on December 14, 2005 can be viewed on the Banner Web page:

4. The MCC Banner “email pay stub” pilot test is going well. Participants who have direct deposit can have their MCC pay stub emailed to them on Tuesday of pay weeks rather than getting the hard copy pay stub that arrives via US Mail on Thursday or Friday of pay week. The stub is delivered via email and is password protected. If you would like to join the over 300 MCC participants in this pilot test, please contact Judy Bertram in the Payroll Office.

Reminder: You may use your Banner ID (starts with a capital “M” and is followed by eight numbers—M00000000) or your Social Security number to log into Banner Self Service. You can find your Banner ID on your pay stub or on your time sheet.

If you have questions about the MCC Banner project, please view the MCC Banner Web page ( or contact Marie Fetzner, Assistant to the Vice President, ETS/Banner Project Manager.

Marie Fetzner
ETS VP Office