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Password Managers

Protect yourself online by using a unique, strong password for every one of your accounts and apps. Unfortunately, many of us write down or even use the same password for every account, which is a very insecure way of keeping track of your passwords. A simple and secure solution is to use a password manager, sometimes called a password vault. These programs securely store all your passwords, making it easy to have a different password for each account.

It is a good idea to use a password manager to preserve and protect your passwords at home however; MCC does not sanction or support any particular password manager for work.

How it Works

The password manager encrypts the vault's contents and protects it with a master password that only you know. When you need to retrieve your passwords, such as to log in to your online bank or email, you simply type your master password into your password manager to unlock the vault. In many cases, the password manager will automatically retrieve your password and securely log in for you. This makes it simple to have hundreds of unique, strong passwords, since you do not have to remember them.

It is critical that the master password for the password manager's contents is strong and very difficult for others to guess. Make your master password a passphrase and you will possess one of the strongest types of passwords possible.

Look for information on choosing a password manager in tomorrow's Daily Tribune.

Pogroszewski, Donna
Chief Information Security Officer