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Is your userID or password compromised?

There have recently been several massive email address and password dumps from hacked websites and apps. Go to the website haveibeenpwned to search for yours.

If you find your password has been compromised, then change it immediately. Cyber criminals know these passwords have been used, and they will start with these known passwords when attempting to hack into accounts.

Do not use your MCC email address to sign up for personal accounts, and NEVER re-use your MCC password for any other account.

Every day we hear of more online services that are hacked. Recently MyHeritage (a genealogy service), Dubsmash (video sharing) and MyFitnessPal (a fitness tracking service) have been compromised. Reset your passwords for those services immediately. If you use the same password for these services anywhere else, including your Monroe Community College account, you should reset the passwords for those other services as well.

To protect your personal accounts and your MCC accounts:

  • Don't use your college email address to sign up for personal accounts
  • If you do use it, use a different password
  • Use unique passwords everywhere (and use the good password managers)

Wirley, Eileen
Technology Services - AVP Office