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Register Today for an Onsite Health Evaluation- Appointment Required

On Wednesday June 7th, as part of Health and Wellness Professional Development Day, sponsored by the MCC Wellness Council, Blue4u will be on campus to provide free health evaluations to insured employees and insured spouses/domestic partners.   This is a voluntary preventive health exam provided at no cost to the participant. It does not require an extra trip to the doctor’s office (copay, wait times), and can be done quickly during the work day. Participants will have access to a professional health coach who will explain their results and will also have access to health education materials the day of the screening. The Interactive Health portal also includes a medical encyclopedia, webinars, newsletters, and other interactive tools – all included under the “Health Library” tab.

This screening does not count against your annual wellness exam for the year, and results will not be shared with your employer.  Please see the attached flyer for more information and registration instructions.  Appointments are required.

Julianna Frisch
MCC Wellness Council

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